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 Dungeoneering Guide

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PostSubject: Dungeoneering Guide   Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:01 am

[size=x-large]Dungeoneering Guide![/size]

First of all save all your items in your bank. Then type ::startdung and a message will pop up and you will get a ring.

Click on the ring to teleport to the dungeoneering area

Click on the Hollowed Rock to start.

You will be teleported down here, now click on the ladder that leads downstair.

[size=medium]Welcome to the first level of Dungeoneering.[/size]

Now you need to start killing shadows warriors.

Dont pick up anything except from keys that you are missing. Because you cant drop or trade inside dungeoneering. When you get 1 coin you can buy some armor at shop.

After you collect the 4 different keys.

  • Crimson Shield Key
  • Blue Shield Key
  • Purple Shield Key
  • Gold Shield Key

Click on the Chalice and you will be teleport to boss

Get ready to kill the boss.

Be careful as you die, as he can hit up to 350. If you die you will need to start over.
After you kill the boss. click on the Yellow portal to reach the next level.

[size=medium]Welcome to the second level of Dungeoneering.[/size]

On this floor, you get 500k. Buy the armor that you want and get ready to fight.

A good idea, is if you buy a lobster cage for 20k. So you can catch some fish.

For this you need to be at least level 80 fishing and 80 cooking.

Same as on the first floor, you need to kill monsters until you get all the 4 different keys again. In addition to the 4 keys, you need to have at least a kill count of 15 monster (sadly, there no way to check how many you have killed). This floor is a maze. To get to the portal follow this map

Before clicking on portal, get ready to fight the boss.
When you do that, you will get full inventory of manta rays.

Final Boss

Kill the boss. Pay attention to you life as you can die easily.
After you have killed the boss. Click on the grey portal.

[size=large]Congratz! You have completed All of the Dungeoneering floors![/size]

Now you can check any of the following shop to buy the item you want.

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PostSubject: Re: Dungeoneering Guide   Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:06 am

Very nice guide. Very descriptive and helpful. Very Happy Thanks! Should help me out a lot.
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Dungeoneering Guide
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